People are dying, there is tension in the land. Chalks are administered on sick patients in place of capsules and tablets, cassava flour and powder are served on breakfast tables in place of powdered milk. Potassium Bromate, a bread enhancer banned in the 90s is still found in our bakeries. Gamallin 20, a poisonous chemical is used to preserve grains

The government of the day is worried, a solution must be found.

A group of patriotic Nigerians from the regulatory Agency vow to fight the cankerworm to a standstill. The counterfeiters fight back.

Everything must be done to stop them. The stage is set as plots, attempted assassinations, arson and blackmail become common tools of war of the counterfeiters’ cartel.

It is entertaining, educating, mind blowing and captivating all in one.

THE PATRIOTS –a national orientation television programme.


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SCHOOL - 2009

A group of five students, four from rich homes and one from a very poor background holds a class of law students to ransom.

A no-nonsense lecture fights to knock the students into line to no avail.

The stage is set as each of the warring parties employs everything to undue the other.

Who blinks first?

A politician father of one of the rich male students enjoys the past time of sleeping with numerous girls young enough to be his daughters including classmates of his son. What is his motive?

University girls turn the citadel of learning into a prostitution ring dubbing it “campus runs” using the proceeds of their acts to buy some greedy and gullible lecturers.

What happens to the lecturer, the five students, the politician and the “runs girls”

Find out in “SCHOOL”.


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