CHAMPIONS OF OUR TIME.- A story on the physically challenged.

Sophia, a physically challenged child of 12 years is denied registration in a national quiz competition as a result of her being confined to a wheel chair while SHARON, a rich whizkid and her mates are allowed to register. SOPHIA with the help of her family fights back and is eventually registered.

Then her trouble begins…’CHAMPIONS OF OUR TIME’.


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The LAW STUDENT - 2004.

The university is supposed to be a citadel of quality learning but when a group of law students turn it to a holiday camp then the stage is set for a major confrontation with a no-nonsense lecture, Mr. Ray Kachi.

The lecturer confronts headlong the leader of the group Oscar and this leads to Oscar’s suspension.

Oscar’s father, a rich retired Army Major General, intervenes and with the assistance of the Vice Chancellor, Oscar’s suspension is quashed.

What options are left for Mr. Ray and how does his decision or indecision affect the members of the law students and law department.

The “LAW STUDENTS” a sequel to “SCHOOL”

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LAST GIRL STANDING 2003- A rape story

A handsome, brilliant, skillful and talented footballer decides to rape girls who live in the same estate with him when he could have any of them at will.

A N1000 bet which starts as a harmless joke turns out a costly career-threatening bet. Tuface has a scholarship to study in any university of his choice and a contract to play in the English premiership league.

Then he makes a N1000 bet to rape Cothilda and his life, career, future, prospect and dreams are placed on a crucible.

Tuface having brought several other girls to their knees has Cothilda left.

She is the last girl standing…standing between him and the English premiership league.


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She has everything going for her, intelligent, from a good home and on her way to the UK for a second degree.

Suddenly, she decided to become a reverend sister. Her father is devastated and dies soon after. Then the deciding moment. The reading of His Will.


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