SCHOOL - 2009



A group of five students, four from rich homes and one from a very poor background holds a class of law students to ransom.

A no-nonsense lecture fights to knock the students into line to no avail.

The stage is set as each of the warring parties employs everything to undue the other.

Who blinks first?

A politician father of one of the rich male students enjoys the past time of sleeping with numerous girls young enough to be his daughters including classmates of his son. What is his motive?

University girls turn the citadel of learning into a prostitution ring dubbing it “campus runs” using the proceeds of their acts to buy some greedy and gullible lecturers.

What happens to the lecture, the five students, the politician and the “runs girls”

Find out in “SCHOOL”.


  • Ernest Obi
  • Emeka Enyiocha
  • Charles Inojie
  • John Njammah
  • Memuna Yahaya
  • David Mckenzie
  • Memuna Yahaya
  • David Mckenzie


Language : English with English Subtitle

Duration : 30 minutes

Genre : Soap Opera

Story/Screenplay : Chidi Nwokeabia

Story/Screenplay : Chidi Nwokeabia

Frequency : Weekly

Recording Format : Digital

Editing : Non Linear

Producer : Chidi Nwokeabia/Emeka Enyiocha

Director : Charles Inojie

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